Veterinary Dental Equipment Market Latest Research On Industry Growth, Trends, Top Players, & Key Regions By 2027


The global Veterinary Dental Equipment market gathered revenue around USD 330 Million in 2020 and market is set to grow USD 509 Million by the end of 2027 and is estimated to expand at a modest CAGR of 9.7% during the prediction period 2021 to 2027.

Overview of Veterinary Dental Equipment Market Study

Veterinary Dental Equipment market study conducted by Nova One Advisor is intended at helping stakeholders get a comprehensive overview of potential challenges and undiscovered opportunities. The report offers exclusive insights to help companies and their customers to make informed decision to sustain growth through the assessment period.

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Growth Factors:

Growth in the global companion animal population, rising incidence of veterinary dental problems, and growth in the number of veterinary practitioners and their income levels in developed economies are the primary drivers for the veterinary dental equipment market. However, the increasing cost of pet care is expected to restrain the growth of this market to a certain extent. This problem will be further exacerbated by the low animal health awareness and a shortage of skilled veterinarians in emerging markets.

Veterinary dental equipment Market Dynamics

Driver: Growth in the global companion animal population

Globally, the overall companion animal population and adoption rate have increased significantly. According to a National Pet Owners Survey (2019–2020) conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), an estimated 67% of US households, or about 84.9 million families, owned a pet. Around 63.4 million households owned dogs, 42.7 million owned cats, and 1.6 million owned horses in the US in 2018. The increasing pet population is expected to drive the demand for pet care products and services, which, in turn, will support the growth of dependent markets, such as the veterinary dental equipment market.
Restraint: High pet care and veterinary dental equipment costs

According to petMD, the low-to-medium pet care cost is around USD 250–4,500 in veterinary practices; a high-end procedure costs anywhere between USD 5,000–20,000. Animal dental care costs vary significantly across regions and the degree of dental disease. A simple extraction can cost as little as USD 10–15, while elevated extractions cost more, depending on the work needed to extract the tooth—ranging from USD 25–35. Teeth with multiple roots that may need to be split with a drill can cost up to USD 100 per tooth; a three-rooted tooth could cost between USD 1,000–3,000, depending on the root. Also, dental radiographs add an additional cost of USD 150–200. According to The Mercury News, the prices for dental services can vary greatly and, on average, are USD 55–90 for an oral exam, USD 125–250 for an X-ray procedure, and USD 600–1,200 for anesthesia, cleaning, and extraction procedure.

Opportunity: Untapped emerging markets

Companion animal ownership has grown significantly across the globe. This is particularly evident in the emerging markets across APAC and Latin America due to urbanization and increase in disposable incomes, which have expanded access to animal healthcare and also enabled owners to spend more on pet care.  Historically, the adoption of veterinary dental equipment in these countries has been comparatively less than that in developed markets. However, currently, the number of veterinarians in emerging markets is on the rise. Several veterinary practices in developing regions are adopting technologically advanced solutions commonly used by veterinarians in developed economies. With a surge in the companion animal population, growing demand for veterinary dental services from the livestock industry, and the growing companion animal health expenditure, emerging countries across APAC and Latin America are expected to offer significant growth opportunities for players operating in the veterinary dental equipment market.

Challenge : Low animal healthcare awareness in emerging markets

Emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil, and some Southeast Asian countries are home to large companion and farm animal populations. However, animal health expenditure in these countries is relatively lower as compared to developed countries across North America and Europe. This is mainly due to a lack of awareness among pet owners and veterinarians. In addition, animal health expenditure in the farm animals’ segment in these countries is focused on therapeutic treatment only. Veterinary dentistry is not widely used in large-animal practices in these countries.

The equipment segment holds the largest share in veterinary dental equipment market by product, in the forecast period

The equipment segment accounted for the largest share in the forecast year. The large share of this segment can be attributed to the high cost of dental equipment and the rising income level of veterinarians, which is resulting in the higher adoption of dental equipment.

The dental x ray system segment holds the largest share in the equipment segment, in the forecast period

Dental radiology is an essential diagnostic modality for veterinary dental care. Dental X-ray systems include dental imaging systems, veterinary CBCT scanners, dental CR readers, and X-ray generators. Dental X-rays help distinguish between healthy teeth and abnormal or diseased teeth. During a routine dental exam, a veterinarian may recommend digital dental X-ray procedures to assess the condition of the teeth and gums of animals. Digital dental X-rays can also expose teeth and their surrounding abnormalities like bone tumors, tooth impactions and fractures, and painful lesions or erosions on the surface of the teeth of animals that may otherwise go unnoticed. The cost for implementing dental radiology has been minimal, and new dental X-ray machines (CR systems) are available for around USD 3,000. Digital systems typically cost around USD 6,000–16,000 and are rapidly becoming the standard in veterinary practices as they offer rapid results.

Small companion animals is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the veterinary dental equipment by animal type segment in the forecast period

The increasing prevalence of periodontal diseases in pets is a key factor driving the growth of this market segment. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), periodontal diseases affect more than 70% of adult cats and 90% of adult dogs. Early detection and treatment are important as they help prevent the conditions from progressing, which may cause pain or chronic health issues.

Veterinary clinic segment is growing at the highest CAGR in the veterinary dental equipment market by end users, in the forecast period.

Clinics are the first point of contact for animal owners. Hence, dental instruments in clinics are of prime importance. Clinics are typically equipped with various instruments ranging from small-sized dental hand instruments for equine and companion animals to dental X-ray systems for pets. This helps them support a wide range of clinical specialties.

North America accounted for the largest share of the global veterinary dental equipment market., by region in the forecast period

North America accounted for the largest share of the global veterinary dental equipment market. The rising number of veterinary practices, increasing number of companion animals, and rising companion animal healthcare expenditure are some of the key factors driving the growth of the veterinary dental equipment market in North America.

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COVID-19 Impact on Veterinary Dental Equipment Sales

Businesses today are operating in a dynamic environment. Earlier focus primarily concentrated on keeping pace with changing consumer preferences. COVID-19 outbreak was unprecedented and exposed vulnerabilities of various industries. Pandemic-induces obstacles also were registered in the Veterinary Dental Equipment market.

Sales plummeted as COVID-19 gradually tightened its noose worldwide. Supply-chain disruptions caused massive losses, while demand took nose-dive as consumers remained indoors with affected countries implementing either partial or complete lockdown.

Gradual recovery however is on the cards with the roll out of vaccinations. Nonetheless, consecutive waves of the virus compelled businesses to stay prepared for the worst. As government and healthcare organizations successfully implement steps to contain the spread of COVID-19, industries have begun operations, albeit at a slow and more cautious pace.

Against this backdrop, Nova one advisor’s study predicts gradual recovery for the Veterinary Dental Equipment market 2021 onwards. This trend will however continue through the course of the report’s assessment period

Key Players:

This report provides detailed company profiles of the key market players. This research report also highlights the competitive landscape of the Veterinary Dental Equipment market and ranks noticeable companies as per their occurrence in diverse regions across globe and crucial developments initiated by them in the market space. This research study also tracks and evaluates competitive developments, such as collaborations, partnerships, and agreements, mergers and acquisitions; novel product introductions and developments, promotion strategies and Research and Development (R&D) activities in the marketplace. The competitive profiling of these players includes business and financial overview, gross margin, production, sales, and recent developments which can aid in assessing competition in the market.

Some of the prominent players in the Veterinary Dental Equipment market include:

Planmeca Oy (Finland), Midmark Corporation (US), Henry Schein, Inc. (US), Integra LifeSciences Corporation (US), Eickemeyer (Germany), Scil Animal Care(Germany), iM3 (Australia), Dentalaire (US),  Dispomed (Canada), MAI Animal Health (US), Acteon Group (UK), TECHNIK Veterinary Ltd. (UK), Cislak Manufacturing (US), and J & J Instruments, Inc. (US), Charles Brungart(US), Covertus Tm(US), Aribex(US), Healthymouth llc(US), MyVet(UK), NewTom(US).

Unravelling the Critical Segments

This research report offers market revenue, sales volume, production assessment and prognoses by classifying it on the basis of various aspects including product type, application/end-user, and region. Further, this research study investigates market size, production, consumption and its development trends at global, regional, and country level for period 2017 to 2027 and covers subsequent region in its scope:

Veterinary dental equipment Market, By Product


  • Dental X ray System
  • Dental Station
  • Electrosurgical Units
  • Dental Lasers
  • Powered Units

Hand Instrument

  • Dental Elevators
  • Dental Probes
  • Extraction Forceps
  • Curette and Scalers
  • Retractors
  • Dental Luxators


  • Dental Supplies
  • Prophy Products


Veterinary dental Equipment Market, By Animal Type

  • Small Companion Animal
  • Large Animal

Veterinary dental Equipment Market, By End User

  • Veterinary Hospital
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Academic Institute

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The purpose of Nova one advisor’s Veterinary Dental Equipment market study is to provide stakeholders with a detailed picture of potential barriers and untapped opportunities. The report contains exclusive information to assist businesses in making informed decisions about how to maintain growth throughout the assessment period.

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